Hello everyone,


My name is Harry and I am a collector of tmnt. I am a late bloomer in my own right. I loved tmnt toys as a kid and I slowly got back into it. Deep down my blood always ran green. I will post about everything related to tmnt. I will try and go more into its roots and keep it as vintage as possible but I will also talk about the comics, rehashes and anything that is awesome and current.



I will cover bootlegs, vintage, comics, vhs tapes and covers, art work and artists and life. It will be a nice blend of fun and drama for everyone. I will try my best and post about things I learn about while diving through the tmnt community as well.




We will talk about super rare items, movie drama and other fun filled facts.




From one tmnt fan to another, I hope you enjoy my run through the tmnt universe and don’t forget to bring all your odd items to consume. No combination is apparently to bad for your stomach according to Mirage comics. Have fun and enjoy!




-Best wishes Harry