2016 Karai



Hello everyone,


My name is Harry and I am going to cover a modern turtle this time. I figured that if I was going to cover this line I might as well start with my personal favorite that I have seen so far. Today we are looking at the 2016 release of Karai. She is beyond amazing in my opinion. She only comes with a few accessories but it is worth picking her up. She comes with the iconic face mask that she normally wore in the Nick toons cartoon version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as a katana.




Now this toy has a fun little history. Fans of the Nickelodeon version of the tmnt franchise rejoiced when it first aired. It was a well written show with great animation. It was something that we secretly hoped for when Viacom bought the rights to the tmnt franchise. Now the first line of tmnt toys were well crafted and had a ton of weapons. They included every person on the show up until that point. We had the turtles, shredder, splinter, a foot soldier, April, but we seemed to be missing Karai. Now Karai was not some random back ground character. She was the Shredders daughter and she appeared in a ton of episodes. It was very odd to not release her. Now quite a few fans on the Technodrome forums (the best site for tmnt knowledge in my opinion) went out of their way to ask Playmates why we were not getting this toy. We waited years and Playmates always stated that this toy was not being made. Well to make a long story short, they mutated the poor girl on the show and Playmates decided to make a toy of that. It sucked. Bad paint. Bad articulation. Everything about it sucked and it was a HUGE let down for the fans. Well apparently Playmates pays attention to the fans to some extent and this toy was made.




She had great articulation (none in her arms) and she is easily posed. She has the best articulation of any of the modern tmnt toys that I can tell. It was a huge thrill to finally get her. Playmates actually did something for the fans! It was very surprising. This was something I expected of Neca, not Playmates.




The toy rolled off the shelf and we almost all cried. The paint apps were amazing on this toy. It looks like Karai from the cartoon. The armor is detailed, the random areas were detailed. It almost looks like they hand painted it for just me. I have to admit that this toy is good. I recommend this toy to anyone who loves tmnt. It is worth getting for less than $10.00. If you don’t see her, avoid the scalpers and their $30.00 price on ebay. Just be patient and remember that all Playmates toys are common and you will find her soon!

Collectors (1-10 turtles): 10 turtles

Kids (1-10 turtles): 8 turtles

Turtle Fans: 10 turtles


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