1991 Leonardo with storage shell


Hello everyone,

My name is Harry and I will be reviewing the 1991 Leonardo with storage Shell. This was a fun toy that came with a lot of accessories. The usual toy from this time frame had an average of four weapons. Leonardo had a whomping eight! That is quite a delight for any toy collector or child growing up. The only down side to this is that the average person does not seem to realize that he has two ninja stars and this can be an issue if you are looking for a complete one on ebay or any other selling site.


Leonardo came with two katanas, two ninja stars, an armadillo club, a pizza, a climbing hook and a spiked knuckle. Everything is very easy to lose because of their size.

Leonardo was based off of Donatello with storage shell which was first released under the basic line in 1990. Maybe Donatello was pushed through because the other three turtles were delayed for what ever reason? We do not know. We can only hope that Playmates will one day give us an answer to this mystery.


Now this toy was a great gimmic for kids. It allowed the turtles to have multiple weapons and they varied for each turtle. The toy did have a few down sides. The shell was easily taken off and lost and the weapons were all tiny (except the katanas) and easily lost. Because of these issues, this toy became a pretty expensive toy in our day and age. The average turtle toy from 1988-1991 goes for $10.00. This toy goes for an easy $20-$40 depending if you buy it complete (truely complete) and from someone who isn’t trying to rip you off completely.


All of the weapons are able to be compacted into the storage shell besides the two katanas but they can easily slide on the back as shown above.

*This toy does have a black belt variant (all storage shells have them) and it comes with different colored weapons. I will review those seperately in the future and give them their own article.

I believe that this is easily one of the cooler turtles that were ever released. It has barely any articulation (like almost all the vintage line) and that pesky raised heel makes it harder to pose but it is still a well crafted and beautiful toy. I recommend this to collectors and kids alike because Playmates did a beautiful job on this toy. At first it looks plain but when you actually look at it, you see how well crafted the toy is and how much thought was put into its design.

Collectors (1-10 turtles): 7 turtles

Kids (1-10 turtles): 5 turtles

Turtle Fans: 10 turtles


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